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Start your day on the sunny side

Carpe the heck out of your diem with loaded breakfast burritos bursting with local flavor.

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I've ordered the ChorizoRito multiple times and each time has been fantastic. This is also one of the best cold brew coffees I've ever had.


I've ordered here 3 times now, and compared to other Denver breakfast burrito options I've tried since moving here, I've found HuevoRito's to have the most authentic taste with a large portion size.


I ordered the HuevoRrito, side of potatoes, and fresh OJ. It was SICK! So much flavor. The burrito is Chipotle sized. Potatoes I could eat at every meal, such a nice flavor and not super greasy. OJ was amazing. I was able to get two small meals from just this one order. But it's DEF enough to share. I will DEF order again.


This has to be the best food we have had in the last two years. I would give them 7 stars out of 5.


HuevoRita's food was delicious! We had the HuevoRita breakfast burritos which were hot and so tasty. Will definitely order from them again.

Don’t press snooze on your sweet tooth

Lightly fried and covered with the perfect blend of cinnamon and sugar, our churro bites are sure to make your morning even sweeter. 

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Churros by Huevorito
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